We human beings are one of a kind.
There is no other specie that relates to its own kind as we do.
Here’s an example of what I’m talking about.

What’s all this ballyhoo about ‘a right to life’?

Whose right to life? The unborn . . .?  What about supporting the right to life of those already here?
What about those at the receiving end of bombs, missiles, bullets and rockets? Do they deserve ‘a right to life’?
What about those protesters mowed by governments, propped up by other corrupt governments?
What rights do/did they have?
What about those suffering the long term consequences of cluster bombs, toxic spills, depleted uranium and orange agents. Do they deserve ‘a right to life’?
What about the slave labor in prisons forced to work for a laughable wage?

Do any of those folks get edicts from authorities in high places? Why is it when some man on a throne somewhere in the world says blah blah blah, we respond with baa, baa, baa and attack our neighbors
that have different beliefs?

Are we just wind-up robots? We pop out, do stuff, make stuff, follow a leader, buy stuff and die.
We sit at home, watching our brothers and sisters, being starved, beaten, raped and murdered
on our flat screens, between commercial breaks. I don’t see a lot of us defending their rights.

Why all the clamoring to save the unborn when many of the born already live in such despair?
Doesn’t it make more sense to focus our loving attention’ on the ‘obvious’ living,
so when the unborn are born they come into a world of true joy and kindness?

Yep, we human beings are certainly one of a kind.

I am open to hearing your beliefs about ‘a right to life’.