We North Americans . . .
are at our wits’ end.

This is the first time our borders,
the Atlantic and Pacific,
Mexico and Canada,
are not a defense
against invasion,

in a very long time.

Our aggression across the planet
Our leaders wanting to own it all
Our weapons and military might
Our disdain for other life forms
Our arrogance loud and clear

yield to nature every time.

We watch life and death stories
of Africans Asians and others
starved killed and abused
as our Amazon life styles
and Netflix happy hours

keep us contentedly asleep.

We run out of toilet paper.
Stock up and stay inside.
Lock them up right now.
Let them pick produce,
then throw them out,

until their services are needed again.

Exploit the service providers,
and when our worker bees
join together and realize
Kings and Queens die
without providers

a transformation may take place.