This project took well over one year from start to completion. The three parts are ‘Birth’, ‘Passage’ and ‘Home Sweet Home’.

The name came to me first and I scribbled a rough draft of what the piece would look like. At that time, I had no idea how involved I would become or how complicated a project I had taken on.

I began work on the first piece in the series, ‘Birth’ at the end of the process. This part was the most difficult to compose and was completed the last week of June 2001. In this segment I wanted to show the vibrant birth of Africa against the stark birth of colonial slavery. This is the beginning of the story, so to speak, and I needed it to make an impact.

Do you think I succeeded? – Fred
Most images were cut out (with scalpels) and assembled manually.    [original for sale]

We The People Part I, ‘Birth’

  • Original Size Dimensions: 26″ x 26″