“Mama, outlive who?”

Those that mute our voices
and chain our bodies

Those that collude and sentence us
to gas chambers and electric chairs

Those that tell their children
we are rabble, rats and roaches

Those that cage our children
and banish us to other places

Child, think on this.
Wherein lies our differences?

We breathe the same air.
and inhabit the same planet

We drink the same water.
and catch the same fish

We eat the same food.
and grow the same crops

We are what we are
breath, food and drink

and all the other stuff
that keeps the wheel turning

Step off the carousel or change mounts
The choice is yours to make now, now . . .

You occupy one saddle on one horse
11 others are bobbing up and down

Child, here is a good one for you
The Dalai Lama has been on 12-3

Change horses. What’s to lose?
Let your presence be the guide

Mama, if we are the same
how will we outlive them?

Child don’t just listen to what I say
You got to feel it in your bones

Them and us, you and me
him and her and the others

are breath, food and drink.
It’s all God*, right?

*or whatever other word 
floats your boat.