What’s my story?

To tell a life story
will take a life time.
Then, no more story.

The famous ones that die
have stories told about them.
Let’s look at the Son of God story.

Many of us tell his story.
Are our stories all the same?
You know the answer to that.

I told a recent story about me.
The listener didn’t hear a word,
and related my story to her life.

When I share my story with you,
the shields between me and trust
may let my mouth open too much.

Trust hides behind flurries of words,
in fields of joy sorrow love and fear.
I apologize to those who say He lives.

Bits of stories exist above this line.
Three minds will have differing stories.
Three melded hearts eliminate stories.

I trust this keyboard with my stories.
It doesn’t judge any story I release.
“Hey buddy, I will be the judge of that.”