White Green Heart love.

These many decades after Viet Nam
I know killing and dying will happen
in black, brown & red communities,

because whites control the drugs
and guns and banks and decide
who can live when and where.

When you cannot vent your rage
at the police protected controllers,
your neighbors will get both barrels

and then the white controlling class
speaks about reds, browns & blacks
being addicts criminals & murderers.

Racists didn’t lose the Civil War here
and they aren’t all Conservative folks
living down south, as this melting pot

of controllers hold both liberal owners
of drugs guns banks and home rentals
beside their more vocal racist brothers.

Here the main recognized color is green
and the mirage of instant rags to riches
is a carrot held out before us poor folk.

Affect the green and the green owners
will listen more closely to your needs,
but we Americans are too divided

to boycott Delta Coke and companies
that are silent as 43 state Republicans
create laws that will limit voting rights

.Let us stop gambling for prosperity
and for love of green in our accounts
and find heart love has a greater value.