Just start writing and follow where it leads.
Don’t be afraid(fully or even kind of), 
to fall beneath the surface.

Actually, just feel
Love is the menu,
inclusive of all life.

Fear pops in and out like batteries, 
loose. Power on. Power off.
The In-between juncture is Now.

Let’s talk suits, business zoot dress
The names don’t matter.
Clothed or not, suit your self

‘OK buddy. Stop right there.’
‘We don’t care about fuckin’ suits.’
‘Yeah, you’re getting all woo-woo.’

What do you folks want from me.
‘Where are we heading?’
‘Yeah! Make up your fuckin’ mind.’

Let’s get through this 
with me rambling on
a bit longer. OK folks?

(Background mumbling and grumbling,
then an accommodating response.)
Thank you all.

Apples just popped up like my garden bamboo.
Apples appear as shapes, sizes, scents,
(I prefer) smells and tastes.

Sauce from the source is best. 
Yeah! Gimme that apple sauce.
The yummy tummy essence.

‘Whoa. Where you going with this bro?’
‘Are you going to get all nasty now?’
‘Let’s call it a night.’

Sorry folks, I saw her vagina 
and got distracted by the heat
of the hairy moment.

‘Stop with the gobbledygook pal.’
‘Sue, you just opened a thatch of past.’
‘Yeah Sue, you said gook.’

I just saw a chopper churning up dust.
‘Get it together bro. It’s bedtime.’
‘Wrap it up. We’re getting cranky.’

Which comes first? 
The seed or the fruit?

Is a you a you
and a me a me
and baby makes us three?

When did Love become words
on a Hallmark card on a shelf
in a store wanting a profit?

Named and unnamed, same earth 
air water lunar solar systems 
in the word mix of meanings.

Tomatoes, blueberries and green beans 
(my garden edibles) 
are plucked from the source. Life

Love, call it what you will,
then I wake up (in the fog),
look at my reflection

and shout out loud
Me Me Me 
I am a Me, not a You.

To an observer, a sleeper appears as life sleeping.
What then when the observer is fast asleep,
sleeping in a world that appears awake?

Life and death are inseparable.
The observer and the observed are not separate.
Dust to dust defines a limited circle of life.

The sign reads, No swimming allowed.
That’s OK. I don’t swim.
There it is again. Me Me Me.

‘How does that make you feel?’
‘I feel it in my belly.’
‘Sit up straight.’

‘Take a deep, slow breath.’ 
Just did. Now what?
‘Just feel Loving life.’

‘Take a long, deep breath.’
Now I feel chills all over.
Yeahhh, loving life