Funny they are.

Sounds made by fluttering bits of flesh, received by tiny sculptured bone and interpreted by what I had stepped on in Malaysia. I had just got off the bus and was heading to the ‘warang’ eating stall to grab a quick bite. There was a fellow working on his motorcycle. As I got closer, I saw he was no longer working, but deader than a rock. A chunk of his head had been blown off.

The bits of sponge under my flip flops I now recognized as remains of his brain. As I approached the stall the other victim came into view. A woman. She lay face down on the checkered tablecloth in a pool of maroon. Other onlookers were three policemen and several travelers who were either eating or standing around. Turns out that the couple were drug smugglers. I ordered a few things to eat on the bus and left.

Back on the bus heading down to Singapore, I enjoyed the fried egg sandwich and spilled some of the hot coffee.

The driver was playing with our nerves. We careened around turns at chilling speeds and honked incessantly at any vehicle in our path. Asia displayed life and death everywhere. In the open. Here and now. Thoughts and responses regarding your most recent letter swarmed like bees behind these visions of potential calamity.

You say burn the schools and start from the ground up. I say, “Burn Auschwitz and they will build one even more ominous.” You say danger exists in the Study Hall. I say, “Seed the earth with wheat to feed the people but seed their hearts with love to open their eyes.”

I say, “At one time the light beamed from the Mount and from under the Banyan.  Jean D’arc shone bright through the flames. The multitudes flocked to the bright light of saints, sages, miracle workers and the likes. But now the light is everywhere to be had and shared. We go forth to wage war on evil, on the rich, for the poor, against pornography, in the courts.” I say, “Remove the words. Teach our kids that there are deeper channels of communication.”

I say, “In the beginning there was silence and the silence was broken. Sound poured through the crack and filled volumes of pages with notes and laws and gave meaning to the word called life. This life became an entity onto itself and we human words became drunk with power and lust. God created all life the Book said and we believed the Book was truth. The Book appeared in different parts of the planet and the leaders claimed their Book as the truth. The truth became controversial and we flocked to the truths like sheep to the bell. The leaders said we needed to defend our truth and we killed our neighbor and rejoiced when they stank on the field of death. More trees were felled so more truths could be recorded.

Now truth takes up much less space on computer drives and we still kill and rape and maim and live in fear.”

I say LOVE IS THE KEY.       I say, let’s get past the words.

Words . . . funny things, aren’t they?

“I love you.”

Words.       Let’s get past the words.