Lying.Once you start it’s hard to stop.“He went for my gun.”“He was charging me.”“My life felt threatened.”We all have cameras,but it’s still hard to stop lying.f

100% Purity

FEAR of loss is the motivationfor believing in the fantasyworld of a fantasy leader.A drop of chocolate in a glassof pure, 100 percent, wholesome,unadulterated milk, will forever alter the pedigree, that in itself is imagined.Here we have insanity,based in...

Next stop?

Every body jumpin’ onthe Soul Trainthese daystakin’ kneeschangin’ street signshuggin’ and raisin’ fists.I wanna’ seewhat happenswhen George leavesthe station.f

Talk vs. Action

Talk vs. Action Right now,we are writing speakingand acting prayer-full,until this threat ends.They all do end. Then back totanning on the beachplenty of toilet paperand us versus them. Folks say,”this COVID-19 viruswill change things”. I say,”only...

Capitalists Unite

Capitalists Unite Which choices best support growthin an expanding capitalist society ? some of us OR all of debt OR learn for free.lung cancer OR no cigarettesmine is mine OR mine is ours.factory farms OR family farms.plastic is profit OR profit is clean...