costumes.the train leaves the trackwith me, inside lookin’ outfrom the fulcrum of stop, me and you no longer know the other,for there is no other to know.costumes back on the hookslabeled you and meand babymakes3.f

Our Stories

Our StoriesGrowth:When we know change is the only constantand live that way.Some of us grip one storythru a lifetime, fear fullof an identity loss.A few others are their storiesof change and flowis all there is.f


ChangeChange is the only constant,so when feeling good or bad,joyful or sad, be there 110 %,knowing this too will change..Just a suggestiveout loud whisper.f

Some say,

Some say,Some say the Son of Man,(not Woman’s Daughter)will surely return here one day.I suggest He or Shehas already appeared,as all the flora and faunathreatened with extinction.f

She says . . .

She says’Find it and face it’. I say’Find it and be it’. For years it chased medown 13 flights of stairs. One afternoon I stoppedand turned. It entered meand there was no thing to FEAR f